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Bella Thorne: ‘The Duff’ Friendships


“One of things I am most grateful for from working on #TheDuff is the lifelong- beautiful friendships I’ve made. I Love YOU @skylersamuels Congrats on your new show #ScreamQueens…you know I will be watching…Missing pix of us @biancaalexasantos :(”

Awwe, our princess is really sweet. <3

We all know that The Duff will be out this 20th! Who’s excited? Well, i’m really stoked for this!

Check out these photos in our gallery. :)

The Duff: Poster/Cover

The Duff: Photoshoot

The Duff: Promotional Photos

The Duff: On-Set



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Welcome to!

Welcome, Bellarinas!

So, as you can see, this site, once again is under construction.

Because of my stupidity. I accidentally deleted the wordpress installation. So, everything that i did was deleted. I have to start over again. But don’t worry, i promise it won’t take too long. :)

Thanks to FreeFansiteHosting for letting me adopt this page!

And also to Leedie for her theme base.

Make sure to spread this page!

Take care, everyone. ;)