Welcome to Bella Thorne Source, your ultimate source for Bella! She is best known for her role as CeCe Jones in the comedy Shake It Up! and Madison Morgan in The Duff movie and many others. Feel free to browse the site and take advantage of our gallery. If you have questions or donations please contact us.
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We’re really sorry if we’re telling you this only now. But both of us (Me and Kelly) are busy with our lives. I go to school and Kelly has to take a break. Also, my laptop broke so it’s kinda hard to update. But still, we’re not giving up on this fansite. We apologize for the lack of updates. But we will still try our very best to catch up for you guys. Thanks to everyone who still keeps on visiting the site even if there are no updates. :) God Bless everyone!

PS. We don’t know when we’ll be back, but we’ll keep this site online for you guys to browse. That’s all.

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Bella Thorne Love has a brand new look! Thanks to Cool-Time! Be sure to check their site out, they make awesome designs! I personally love the new look, since the past layouts we had are light-colored, and for our new look, it features a dark theme. Cool, right? :)

You can check out the past looks we had in case you missed it.. Click here

Please do bare with us though, cause i’m still gonna fix some parts of the sidebar and also some of the pages.

But still, we thank you for supporting Bella Thorne Love!

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It’s a date! The ‘Scream‘ star and Gregg Sulkin were spotted in LA on Tuesday, and this couple just get cuter and cuter. Press and media waited for the couple to make an appearance which caused controversy online later that day.  Bella and Gregg attended a casual meal in Cecconi’s in Los Angeles, and bella brough the summer to LA in her pale blue number.  Throughout the promotion of ‘Scream‘ and ‘Big Sky‘, Bella and Gregg still have time for each other, and there is no doubt that we will see them together again soon.


We have placed candids of the couple in our Photo Gallery:

July 21st, 2015:
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Bella attended the Just Jared Summer Bash pool party in Hollywood on July 18th. We added some photos to our gallery, so do check them out!



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I have added tons of new images from 2 events that Bella had attended which was Comic Con in San Diego and MTV Fandom Awards. Also, we have some candids of Bella walking the dog at the park with Gregg, and some photos of her arriving at LAX Airport.

Be sure to check them out in our gallery :)

7/10/15 – Comic Con in San Diego

7/9/15 – MTV Fandom Awards

7/15/15 – At The Park

7/12/15 – Arriving at LAX Airport

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