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Bella Thorne attended the ‘Perfect High’ Photocall last week to promote her new Lifetime movie, alongside other cast members and personal relationships, including newly announced boyfriend Gregg Sulkin, aged 23.

I have added images to our Gallery of the event, click on the link to see more:

We also uploaded portrait photoshoots by Sarah Jaye Weiss. Bella looked absolutely gorgeous!

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Love is in the air! The rumours are true; Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin are dating!

For the past few weeks, there has been speculation of the couple but Bella and Gregg made a public display of affection at the Perfect High photocall last Saturday.  Bella Thorne, 17, and Gregg Sulkin, 23 confirmed their relationship during the press conference about their ‘serious chemistry’:

‘We’ve agreed to not see other people and are taking things slowly so we can see where it goes over the next few months.’

WOAH. After months of curiosity the fans have been made clear that this is more than a friendship! Gregg and Bella have caused speculation through their interactions and sweet tweets online, including Gregg’s Instagram posts. From everyone here at Bella-Thorne.org, we wish Bella and Gregg all the best.


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Scream‘ actress Bella Thorne appeared on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers‘ on June 25, where the Shake It Up! Star discussed about her new role, the movie itself, and her professional tips on taking the perfect selfie. Yes, this did include Bella Thorne and Seth Meyers actually taking a Polaroid! During her press tour of ‘Scream’, MTV premiered the first eight minutes of the series which everyone was screaming for, especially on social media. However, Bella Thorne and Seth Meyers were hitting it off with jokes and laughs throughout her interview. Bella conducted this special event with her perky ways, entering the set in great joy and cheers as the audience applauded.

The 17 year old pulled of a short orange dress, alongside tropical heels which signified her loose red curls, and natural makeup look. This fashionista rocked her outfit, but the greatest accessory was her smile.

During the interview, Seth Meyers and Bella Thorne spoke about her scenes and her role of ‘Nina’ which is similar to Drew Barrymore’s role in the original movie. During this additional fact, Bella Thorne and Seth Meyers negotiated that the star was not even born when the movie was released. However, she did discuss some differences between the movie and the brand new series which got everyone even more excited for it’s release.

“I remember when the first ‘Scream’ film came out, it was really exciting for me,” Meyers said to Thorne. “A little depressing for me: You were not born when it came out.”

“We took the best parts of the Scream franchise and we manipulated it to fit our time era, so it’s not exactly the same, it’s very different,’ she told Life & Style. ‘Social media plays such a big aspect in this one.”

Meanwhile,  Seth Meyers questioned the selfie queen with a request for top tips and tricks, which led on to Bella Thorne and Seth Meyers capturing a cheeky polaroid. With grins and tongues stuck out, it was a great treat to see.

This triple threat also discussed her personal life, including her family and potential romances. Exciting things are happening for Bella, including her newly announced role in ‘Midnight Sun’. For now, stock up on Ben and Jerry’s and get out your blanket because ‘Scream’ premieres on MTV Tuesday, June 30th.

I have added some images of the interview on our Photo Gallery.

Bella Thorne appearing on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’: 

Bella-Thorne--Leggy-at-Late-Night-with-Seth-Meyers--10Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 2


Gallery Update: Bella Thorne Arriving at NBC Studios in NYC 25.06.15 

Bella Thorne arrived at NBC Studios in NYC looking flawless mid-afternoon. Bella Thorne looked elegant in a neutral lace dress at knee length, which consisted of white florals, with gold accessories and white heels; her loose curls were still evident alongside a half up-do rounding up this innocent look.  Here are some candida, and you can find more at our Photo Gallery:


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My first ever #wcw has to go to @bellathorne

Bella attended the “Ted 2” Premiere in New York.
She looked really stunning and need we say, sexy! We’re certain of it that Gregg agrees. Cause he also posted the photo above, which you can see in His instagram.

You can also check out the photos by clicking below.

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Bella Thorne attended the 2015 Crocs Funway Runway Launch Party in New York City on Tuesday night (June 23).
“I love to wear them to the beach because I can actually wear them on the water. I hate when sand builds up on the bottom of my feet!” Bella shared at the event.

Check out over 100 photos we have uploaded in our gallery, cause Bella looked absolutely gorgeous!

Bella is also pictured leaving SiriusXM studios earlier in the day, seen out and about in New York.


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