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Hey there Bellarinas! We finally have a new theme! This is the first theme made by us, cause the past was just a modified theme, literally. :)
What are your thoughts about the new theme? I hope you like it, as much as i do. :)
This theme is a bit girly, but Bella is really pretty! We used the photoshoot from BOOHOO.COM.. which can also be found in our gallery. :)
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Disney Channel alum Bella Thorne will star with Kian Lawley and Alex Neustaedter in Shovel Buddies, the 2013 Black List script by Jason Mark Hellerman that AwesomenessTV has set up with Film 360. The film, which has just begun shooting in California, revolves around four teens who must conquer a “shovel list” of activities left behind by their recently deceased friend. Anton Starkman Philip Labes and James C. Burns co-star and English duo Si & Ad are directing. A day-and-date theatrical and VOD release is planned for the latest full-length pic being created by DreamWorks Animation-owned Awesomeness, which just inked a multi-picture deal with YouTube as it ramps up its feature film business. Thorne is repped by WME and LBI Entertainment, Lawley by CAA and Big Frame.

Woaaah! Bella sure is busy! We’re so stoked! :)

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Bella attended the Joel Silvers Memorial Day Party in LA. She looks absolutely gorgeous!

We have uploaded 190 photos, so be sure to check them out in our gallery.

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Bella is featured in the Summer issue of Wonderland Magazine!
We added 2 images of Bella from by Charlotte Hadden for Wonderland Magazine, be sure to take a look at them in our gallery. There is also an interview with Bella, Check it out at the Magazine website.

Bella – it’s been a speedy climb to success, hasn’t it? When did you realise you wanted to become an actress?
I did it because everybody told me I wouldn’t be able to! I started acting when I was nine. I was on quite a few projects, I did Big Love, I did My Own Worst Enemy and Shake It Up was my first Disney role.

What attracted you to your part as mean girl Madison in The Duff?
I honestly wanted to play Bianca, the main character. The director Ari Sandel, was like, “No, you’ll be better as Madison!” I said okay, because I just really wanted to work on that film. I love the comedy! I was laughing out loud in my bedroom at two o’clock in the morning reading the script. I loved the message behind it, it’s really important and people need to know that in life you’ll be labelled, but it’s our job to climb out of that box and show people who we are.

So, you’re not playing the character that you wanted to – but do you see any similarities between yourself and Madison? Is there anything you can relate to?
No! Madison is really mean, she’s very evil, she’s conniving, she’s very blunt. That’s the only thing I like about Madison, she is very straightforward.

Have you ever encountered a Madison type in life?
Yes. I don’t know why she was mean to me, I honestly have no idea why. I haven’t said anything to this girl, I’ve barely even met her!

How horrible! How do you think people should deal with mean girls?
Well honestly, I’ve never confronted my mean girl. A lot of people give you the advice to just not worry about it and try and forget about it. No! That is so hard to do when you are the person being bullied. I was bullied and that’s messed up! Be very vocal, you should tell everybody.

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Bella Thorne owned the blue carpet at the MTV Movie Awards. She looked absolutely stunning! Here are some latest additions to our Gallery.

*No Copyright was intended, however these images were taken from hq-pictures.com

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